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youdaelectronics provides all kinds of electronics parts, especially HIFI Diy parts for Guitar tube amplifier,such as shuguang tube, psvane tube, Audio capacitors, Resistors, Tag Strips, Potentiometers, Volume Knobs Guitar Amp Handles, Panel meters, Switches, LED Diodes, LED lights, Computer replaement parts, Connectors, Moduels
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Tube amplifier 300B 6P6P 12AT7 5Z3PAT

Tube amplifier 300B 6P6P 12AT7 5Z3PAT

Power tube: 300B 2pcs 
Voltage push tube: 6P6P 2pcs
Valtage amplifier tube: 12AT7 1 PC
Rectifier tube: 5Z3PAT 1PC 

Output Power:8.2W x 2  
Frequency response:30Hz--42KHz 
Output impedance :4Ω,8Ω 
THD  ( total harmonic distortion ) :≤ 1%(1kHz)。
Input sensitivity:750MV 
Input impedance:100KΩ 
Demension:L375  x W290  x 180H mm
Package:L500 x W450  x 290H mm
SNR :89DB   

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