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Paper box for tubes

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Box for 845/805/211 tubes, Size: 3x3x8.5 Inches (7.6x7.6x21.6CM)
Box for 300B /2A3/807/FU-811 tubes, Size: 2.25X2.25X6.125 Inches (5.8CMX5.8CMX15.5CM)
Box for KT66/KT88/6550/5Z3P tubes, Size: 2X2X5.5 Inches (5CM X5CMX13.9CM)
Box for 6SN7/5AR4/6V6/5Z4P/6P6P tubes, Size: 1.4X1.4X4 Inches  
Box for EL84/12BH7/6H30/6BQ5 tubes, Size: 1X1X3.25 Inches (25mmx 25mmX80mm)
Box for EL34/6L6/5881/6P3P tubes, Size: 1.7X1.7X4.7 Inches
Box for 12AX7/U7/6922 tubes, Size: 1X1X2.9 Inches
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