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1PC New Old Stock Shuguang 6V6GT/ 6p6p Vacuum Tubes for Tube Amplifier DIY

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1PC New Old Stock Shuguang 6V6GT/ 6p6p Vacuum Tubes for Tube Amplifier DIY
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1PC New Old Stock Shuguang 6V6GT/ 6p6p Vacuum Tubes for Tube Amplifier DIY

Tube type: Beam Power Tube Power/Output
Identical to 6V6GT = 6П6С = VT-107A = CV511 = 6V6_DDR = GT6V6 = 6V6GT/G

Similar Tubes
Other shape (e.g. bulb type):
3106_OSW ; 6V6 ; 6V6G ; 6V6GTA ; CV509 ; CV510 ; OSW3106 ; VT196_GPO

Normally replaceable-slightly different:6P6POther class quality (otherwise equal):
5871 ; 6V6GTY ; 6V6S ; 7184 ; 7408Heater different:
12V6GT ; 5V6GTDifferent connections:
6V5GTOther base:
6AQ5 ; 6BW6 ; 6CM6 ; 7C5 ; CV1862
Other base and data slightly different:
6P1_China ; 6П1ПMultiple differences or of other kind:
6061 ; VT-227Predecessor Tubes 6V6 6V6G 6F6 6Z-P1 6ZP1
Successor Tubes 6AQ5 7C5 6CZ5 5992 6V6GT/G 6061
Base Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A 
Was used by Radio/TV-reception etc.
Filament Vf 6.3 Volts / If 0.45 Ampere / Indirect / Parallel, (AC/DC) /

Factory history and overview
1. Built in the year 1958.

2. Start producing 6Z4 tube in 1963.

3. manufactured 3.7 millions tubes in 1965. Including:6Z4、6P1、6A2、6K4、6N1、6N2、6N12P、6P6P、6L6、FU-7、FU-5.


1971—1979: Designed and produced 6P14P、6P15P、6P17P 6C16、6BK4、6J8P、6P16P、6P18P、6N18P、FU-811、6C41P tubes.

1980—1985: Designed and produced  EL34A、6P16PA、6T51、6T50(7092)、FU-812、GL-211、2A3 6P16P tubes.

1986—1991: Designed and produced KT88、6550、572B、50CA10.

1991—1995: Designed and produced 300B、5AR4、6L6WGB、300BC、KT94.

1996—1999: Designed and produced  EL156、KT77、KT66. and upgraded 300B、KT88、6550、6L6 to: 300B-98、KT88-98、6550-98、5881A。

2000: Designed and produced 12AX7、6P14.

2001: Designed and produced 12AT7、12AU7.

2002: Designed and produced GE6L6、5881A、6BK4C.

2003: Designed and produced 12AX7M、EL34B、300BS-B、300BS-C、EL37.

2004: Designed and produced 2A3B、2A3C、EL84、845B、845C、EL84L.

2005: Designed and produced 7025A、5751、5Y3GT、EL34M、SG-50.

2006: Designed and produced 805A、SG205、6L6WGS、6L6GC.

2007: Designed and produced SG101、UF101.

2008: Designed and produced 6V6GS、EL34HT. and  CV181-Z、6CA7-Z、KT66-Z、2A3C-Z、E、KT88-Z、300B-Z.

2009: Designed and produced GZ34、6V6GTW、6V6GTP.

2010: Designed and produced 12AX7Ⅲ、12BH7、310、EL34BW.

2011: Designed and produced 12AX7Ⅰ、12AX7MB.

2012: Designed and produced 845-T、805A-T、211-T、6CA7-T、CV181-T.

2013: Designed and produced WE300B、WE274,12AX7-T、12AU7-T、KT88-T、6DJ8.

2014: Designed and produced WE845、12AT7-T、6SL7-T.

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